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Pascal Plantinga

sun 25 feb 2024
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Re:light on Thursday 29 February 23:00 CET is a special about Pascal Plantiga. Pascal is also playing a solo concert during the Springtij festival in De Pletterij in Haarlem on Friday 15 March.

In a programme specially made for the Concertzender, Pascal Plantinga tells his life story and illustrates it with his own compositions, which were often created during his travels over the world.

Pascal Plantinga is an electro-songwriter who combines experimentation with a special way of musical storytelling. His highly autobiographical stories exude wanderlust and draw on personal experiences and encounters with unique characters from all walks of life. Whether it is a singing taxi driver, a disillusioned Miss California, an enlightened Hula dancer or an embittered Nazi kind enough to offer a lift, they are all immortalized in song as they take become one of Pascal’s own multiple personalities.

His long-standing working relationship with German electronic music pioneer Pyrolator gives Pascal’s music its powerfully cinematographic character. The range of artists Pascal has recorded and performed with over the years includes Gary Lucas, Guy Klucevsek, Haco, Hauschka, Frances-Marie Uitti, Martin Bisi and Shoukichi Kina. As a film composer, Pascal created the score for the award-winning feature film 170 Hz, the Japanese music documentary Tsugaru No Kamari. He also wrote the theme music for Atsushi Ogata’s Yukata Cowboy web series.

Click here for the playlist.

On Friday, March 15, Pascal Plantinga will play solo during the Springtij festival in De Pletterij in Haarlem. Click here for more information about this festival.