Prize draw

wed 28 aug 2019

With last month’s questionnaire we put some general questions about the Concertzender. We are curious about your opinion about our radio station, our programmes and about anything else that you may like to share with us. And here’s the good news: it is not too late to respond, so send your reaction to Concertzender. The ‘winner’ will be selected at random from the respondents and will win a copy of Arthur Olof’s (Dutch-language) book about Russian music. Goof for your Dutch, and the work is stuffed with QR-codes that give access to almost everything teh Concertzender has ever broudcast about Russian music.

There is also a music question this month which has been inspired by the CD ‘Louis Andriessen – Chamber Music at Orlando‘. This CD features a selection of works by Louis Andriessen for small ensembles including Elegy, Double, Disco, Silver and To Pauline O.

The question is: who is Pauline O?

The winner will be chosen from the respondents with the correct answer and will receive a copy of the CD Louis Andriessen Chamber music at Orlando, featuring the Nemtsov Duo, Avanesian Duo, AuRoRa Duo and an Ensemble led by Henk Guittart. This CD was published by the label Et’Cetera KTC 1657.