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tue 7 jul 2020 23:00 
Composer: Traditional

In company of the oud Episode. III

Back to the series dedicated to the the ‘Ud. You can listen to the two previous episodes of this series and find more info by clicking here and here.
In this episode we’ll listen to 3 Ud players from the Maghreb : Said Chraibi and Omar Metioui from Morocco and Alla from Algeria.



Saïd Chraïbi.jpg

Said Chraibi.


1. Tribute to My Master. Said Chraibi – (Morocco) 04:31
2. Andalusian oud music. Said Chraibi (Morocco) 06:56
3. Oud and percussion. Said Chraibi – (Morocco) 06:56

4. Foundou : Alla .                                     ( Algeria)    26:21


5. Kursi Basit Iraq. Omar Metioui. (Morocco) 2:27
6. Muwwál (Mawwal) Tih Dalalan. Omar Metioui. (Morocco) 7:43
7. Taqsim (Improvisations). Omar Metioui.(Morocco) 8:25



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