American Highways

vr 23 sep 2016 18:00 uur
Componisten: Carl Ruggles | Henry Cowell

AMERICAN HIGHWAYS #56: Ancient Desert Drone
As part two of our ongoing series on Henry Cowell’s complete symphonies, pianist Guy Livingston brings us some fantastic orchestrations, some energetic orchestral music, and some eerie drones. Are these wind effects from the badlands of the American southwest? Or are they didgeridoos of the Australian outback? Listen and find out. Also music of Carl Ruggles, conducted by Christoph Von Dohnányi.
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Theme music:
Henry Cowell
Symphony #11 “Seven Rituals of Music”
VI. Vivace
Robert Whitney: Louisville Orchestra
First Edition FECD-0003
Henry Cowell
1. Ancient Desert Drone
The Symphony Of Los Angeles olv. Werner Janssen
Essential Media Group 2012
Henry Cowell
 – Concerto For Piano & Orchestra:
2. I Polyharmony (3:52)

3. II Tone Cluster (8:15)

4. III Counter Rhythm (3:52)
5. I (7:26)
6. II (2:41)
7. III (3:30)

Radio Symphony Orchestra Saarbrücken olv. Michael Stern
Col Legno – WWE 1CD 20064
Carl Ruggles
8. Sun-Treader
Cleveland Orchestra olv. Christoph Von Dohnányi.
Decca 443 776-2