American Highways

vr 14 jul 2017 18:00 uur

New World Unseen – American Highways #91 (Landscapes Series)

Tonight’s show begins with music by Victoria Bond; her Black Light concerto. The major influence here is jazz music, but for me the title implies something else – hidden and unseen, which is only revealed by a certain wavelength of light.


We’ll also hear music of Philip Glass: “After Lewis and Clark” and music of Brent Michael Davids, of the Stockbridge Mohican Nation of American Indians. Plus find out what “back forty” means! Unseen and unheard, that is tonight’s theme, on American Highways, hosted by pianist Guy Livingston.

Theme Music
Jan Jeroen (J.J.) Spijkervet & Immersive Sound
“American Highways” Jingle
Sounds About Right
composed for Concertzender

Philip Glass
Piano Concerto #2 “After Lewis & Clark”
4. The Vision
5. Sacagawea
6. The Land
Conductor – Ralf Gothóni; R. Carlos Nakai, native american flute; Paul Barnes, piano; The Northwest Chamber Orchestra
Orange Mountain Music OMM0030

Victoria Bond
Black Light Concerto
1. Presto
2. Forcefully
3. Aggressively Driving
Paul Barnes, pianist
KOCH 3-1333-2

Brent Michael Davids
Native American Suite: III. Zuni Sunrise Song (Pueblo)
Philip Brunelle, VocalEssence Ensemble Singers & Charles Kemper
Clarion CD 942


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