230 Volt. Contemporary Electronic Music #85. Met muziek van Neuro… No Neuro, Hiiro Issiki, Haku Sungho, A Winged Victory For The Sullen, Leon Vynehall, Driftmachine, AeoX, Kumi Takahara, Rouage en Elnath Project.


01. Neuro… No Neuro. Making A New Face. 3:20.
Album: Object Models. Label: Audiobulb Records.
02. Hiiro Issiki. Katto. 3:24. Album: 1000 Plateaux. Label: Bedouin Records.
03. Haku Sungho. Time For The Stolen Watch. 6:30.
Album: The Farthest Creole. Label: Bedouin Records.
04. A Winged Victory For The Sullen. So That The City Can Begin To Exist. 4:47.
Album: Invisible Cities. Label: Artificial Pinearch Manufacturing.
05. Leon Vynehall. I, Cavallo. 6:57. EP: I, Cavallo. Label: Ninja Tune.
06. Driftmachine. Memories Of The Lakeside. 9:41.
LP: Spume & Recollection. Label: Umer-Rex.
07. AeoX. Fragile. 3:51. Album: Bonking Berlin Bastards. Label: A-TON.
08. Kumi Takahara. Log. 7:27. Album: See-Through. Label: FLAU.
09. Rouage. Fierce. 4:05. Album: Bonking Berlin Bastards. Label: A-TON.
10. Elnath Project. 5YE2. 8:05. Album: Feedback Works. Label: Humanhood Recordings.