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Concertzender Live

Concerts from around the country, recorded by Concertzender

Het Nieuw Ensemble conducted by Lucas Vis performed the works of contemporary composers.

This tracklist includes Het Nieuw Ensemble conducted by Lucas Vis with eight performances of contemporary composers, several works from the concert ‘Double Music’ from Slagwerk Den Haag 2012, composed by two composers working together, and organ work by Theo Jellema from the ‘Jozefkerk’ in Assen.


  1. Jeremiah Runnels. Apollo I (2010)
    Nieuw Ensemble conducted by Lucas Vis
  2. David Pocknee. Bangscale (2010)
  3. Lula Romero. En Relieve (2010)
  4. Diederik Saeijs. Ruimte van Dromen (2010)
  5. Angus Barnacle. Coincidence (2010)
  6. Caio Amon. Erosões (2010)
  7. Andys Skordis. In Ran Air (2010)
  8. Maya Lekovic. Mice (2010)
  9. Tom Johnson / Luiz Henrique Yudo. Back & Forth
    Slagwerk Den Haag. Slagwerkers Nederlandse Conservatoria
    Louis Andriessen / Martijn Padding – Gesprek
  10. Yannis Kyriakides / Marko Ciciliani 8’66”
  11. Michael Gordon / Julia Wolfe. Heartthrob
  12. Louis Vierne (1870-1937). From Symphonie 3 opus 28 (1911) Intermezzo
    Theo Jellema organ, Jozefkerk, Assen
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