vr 25 jun 2021 20:00 uur

Wereldmuziek, verzameld en uitgezocht door Stan Rijven.


Volgend week geen 32e editie van het Afrika festival in Hertme, wel de 25e verjaardag van Dias Latinos in Amersfoort https://diaslatinos.nl 

Aanleiding voor een Mariama-uitzending geheel gewijd aan de Afro Latin connectie.

“The connections between African and Latin music run long and deep.  The rhythms of Africa were taken to the New World by slaves, and came back in the form of Cuban and Antillean records that would inspire Africa’s own musical renaissance. Africans called this music ‘rumba’, though it covered a whole range of Hispano-Caribbean styles and rhythms. It was modern music. It belonged to the bigger, wider world. It meant progress. But its rootsw ere in Africa, and as far as Africans were concerned, it belonged to them. So to an entire generation of Africans that came of age in the 1950s and ‘60s, Latin music became a means of transcending colonal alienation. It was their own modern music”.

Aldus de hoestekst van de schitterende compilatie ‘Rumba on the river’.  Een overzicht van 60 jaar Afro-Latin Connection!


  1. ET Mensah- John B Calypso (± 1958)

CD: E.T.Mensah & The Tempos, All for you, Classic highlife recordings from the 1950s (RetroAfric- 1998)

  1. Grand Kallé & African Jazz- Independence Cha Cha (1960)

CD: African Pearls 1: Congo Rumba On The River (Syllart- 2006)

  1. Franco & OK Jazz- Cuento Nama (1965)

CD: African Pearls 1: Congo Rumba On The River (Syllart- 2006)

  1. Las Maravillas de Mali- Canto del Gaujiro (± 1965)

CD: Las Maravillas de Mali (Melodie- 1999)

  1. Etoile 2000- El Carretero (jrn ’70)

CD: Dakar Sound Volume 1 – Etoile 2000

  1. Number One De Dakar- Guantanamera (jrn ’70)

CD: Nr 1 De Dakar- Dakar Sound- Vol3- Latin Thing (1994)

  1. Baobab- Ray M’bele (begin ‘80)

CD: Pirates Choice (World Circuit- 1989)

  1. Gil Semedo- Lambazouk (2011)

CD: Sempre Lider (Giva- 2011)

  1. Africando All Stars, ft Thione Seck- Sey (2000)

CD: Mandali (Stern’s- 2000)

  1. Dexter Johnson- El Manicero, ft. Laba Sosseh (jrn ‘70)

CD: Serie Sangomar 2 ft. Dexter Johnson (Dakar Sound- 1999)

  1. Sam Mangwana- No me digas no (jrn ’80)

CD: No me digas no (Blue Silver-1995)