Radio Monalisa

zo 22 apr 2018 11:00 uur

Vrouwelijke componisten: klassiek, jazz, hedendaags – gekozen en gepresenteerd door Patricia Werner Leanse.


1. Anna Thorvaldsdottir (Iceland, 1977) [zie foto] a. Hidden, Past and Present (2011), for percussion and grand piano. b. Rain (2010), for soprano, flute, guitar & electronics. c. Fields (2016), for bass clarinet, percussion, electric guitar, cello & double bass. d. Aeriality (2011), for orchestra.

2. Cécile Chaminade (France, 1857-1944). Mots d’amour (1898), art song.

3. Galina Ustvolskaya (Russia, 1919-2006). Trio (1948),  for clarinet, violin and piano.

4. Connie Converse (New Hampshire, 1924). a. Sad Song. b. Sorrow is my Name.


Samenstelling & presentatie: