Radio Monalisa

zo 28 apr 2019 11:00 uur

Vrouwelijke componisten: klassiek, jazz, hedendaags – gekozen en gepresenteerd door Patricia Werner Leanse.


1. Cheryl Frances-Hoad (UK, 1980). a. A Song Incomplete (2013), for soprano, mezzo-soprano and countertenor. b. Blurry Bagatelle (2017), for solo piano.

2. Johanna Senfter (Germany, 1879-1961) [zie foto]. a. Suite for two violins No. 1, op. 91/1. b. Zwei Choralvorspiele (1930), for organ.

3. Eva Reiter (Austria, 1976). a. Irrlicht (2012), for flute, trumpet, trombone, percussion, violin, viola, cello, double bass and electronics. b. In groben Z├╝gen (2014), for string quartet and transducer.

4. Meredith Monk (NY, 1943). From the album’ impermanence’ (2008): Last Song.


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