Radio Monalisa

zo 8 nov 2020 12:00 uur

Vrouwelijke componisten: klassiek, jazz, hedendaags – gekozen en gepresenteerd door Patricia Werner Leanse. Werken van Peggy Glanville-Hicks, Linda Buckley & Anne van Schothorst.


1. Peggy Glanville-Hicks (Australia, 1912-1990). Prelude for a pensive pupil (1958) for solo piano.

2. Linda Buckley (Ireland, 1979). From the new release ‘From Ocean’s Floor’ (2020) for voice, ensemble and electronics: Fil Duine (Gráinne speaks of Diarmuit); Cridhe lán do smuaintighthibh (A heart made full of thought); Gealach agus Grian (Sun and Moon); Áimhréidh (Entanglement).

3. Anne van Schothorst (NL, 1974) [zie foto]. UTOPIA (2020) for solo piano: heimwee; she dreamt an exceptional life; what on earth; beyond the horizon; the tide turned.


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