The Great American Songbook

za 17 okt 2009 01:00 uur
Componist: George Gershwin

The Great American Songbook Jazz Nacht.
Laat U verrassen door muziek van de grootste componisten uit de vorige eeuw in de mooiste uitvoeringen.
Dan weer een rustige ballad, dan weer fenomenaal swingend up-tempo.
Muziek uit uw eigen collectie, die u waarschijnlijk zelf zou opzetten, maar nu dus voor u gedaan wordt.
Elke 1e en 3e vrijdag op zaterdag (En wanneer deze er is; 5e vrijdag op zaterdag) in de maand, van 01u00 tot 06u00.
Mocht u informatie willen hebben over de gedraaide muziek; Stuur een mailtje naar concert.post@concertzender.nl

Jeanie Bryson- Tony Desare Nacht.
Jeanie Bryson – I Love Being Here With You (Telarc) CD-83336
1.Cheek To Cheek 3:59 (Berlin)
2.Squeeze Me 4:51 (Williams, Waller’
3.Bittersweet 5:29 (Bianculli)
4.A Sleepin’ Bee 3:51 (Arlen, Capote)
5.Love Dance 8:35 (Lins, Williams, Peranzetta)
6.I Feel So Smooche 4:13 (Moore)
7.You’ve Changed 5:10 (Carey, Fischer)
8.Sunshower 6:40 (Barron, Bryson)
9.Cloudy Morning 2:58 (Fisher, McCarthy)
10.Change Partners 4:21 (Berlin)
11.I Love Being Here With You 4:43 (Lee, Schluger)
Jeanie Bryson – Tonight I Need You So (Telarc) CD-83348
12.Simple Song 4:21 (Bryson)
13.Honeysuckle Rose 5:16 (Waller, Razaf)
14.Tonight I Need You So 4:19 (Satterfield, Bryson)
15.Willow Weep For Me 5:17 (Ronell)
16.I Don’t ant To Fall 5:41 (Brancato, Bryson)
17.Moonlight In Vermont 5:07 (Suessdorf, Blackburn)
18.Two-Hump Ride 6:56 (Brancato, McDaniels)
19.The Face I Love 5:59 (Gilbert, Valle, Valle, Pangarilho)
20.Solamente Tu 5:05 (Bryson)
21.What Can A Miracle Do? 4:27 (Grolnick, Vandross)
22.Too Shy To Say 3:01 (Wonder)
23.Skydive 6:10 (Hubbard, Bryson)
Jeanie Bryson – Some Cats Know (Telarc) CD-83391
24.I Don’t Know Enough About You 4:29 (Lee, Barbour)
25.’Deed I Do 2:58 (Rose, Hirsch)
26.Some Cats Know 5:54 (Leiber, Stoller)
27.Why Don’t You Do Right? 3:40 (McCoy)
28.You’re My Thrill 4:55 (Clare, Gorney)
29.Fever 3:39 (Davenport, Cooley Jr.)
30.I’m In Love Again 3:59 (Coleman, Lee, Schluger)
31.Close Your Eyes 2:58 (Petkere)
32.Lover 3:13 (Hart, Rodgers)
33.You Let My Love Get Cold 5:17 (Robinson)
34.I’m Gonna Go Fishin’ 3:06 (Ellington, Lee)
35.You’re Blasé 4:40 (Hamilton, Sievier)
36.That Sugar Baby O’ Mine 3:46 (Mitchell, Pinkard, Pinkard)
37.Where In The World Are You? (Bryson)

Tony Desare – Want You (Telarc) CD-83620
38.Baby, Dream Your Dream 3:32 (Fields, Coleman)
39.Just In Time 2:33 (Comden, Green)
40.Want You 4:37 (DeSare, Lee)
41.Two For The Road 4:01 (Bricuse, Mancini)
42.I Wish You Love 3:00 (Trenet, Beach)
43.How Will I Say I Love You 3:04 (DeSare, Lee)
44.Another Chance For My Heart 4:36 (DeSare, Lee)
45.We’ve Got A World That Swings 3:07 (Brown, Matts)
46.Something’s Gotta Give 2:54 (Mercer)
47.(I’d Have It All) If I Had Drew (From The Motion Picture My Date With Drew) 2:58 (DeSare, Lee)
48.Marry Me 2:46 (DeSare)
49.Movin’ On 4:32 (DeSare, Lee)
50.Five Foot Two 2:42 (Henderson, Lewis, Young)
Tony Desare – Last First Kiss (Telarc) CD-83651
51.Kiss 4:00 (Prince)
52.Gee Baby Ain’t I Good To You 3:45 (Redman, Razaf)
53.You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To 2:44 (Porter)
54.Let’s Just Stay In 5:09 (DeSare)
55.Come On Strong 4:22 (Cahn, Van Heusen)
56.I’ll Never Have Enough Of You 4:48 (DeSare)
57.Oh Look At Me Now 2:35 (Bushkin, DeVries)
58.How Deep Is The Ocean? 4:35 (Berlin)
59.Last First Kiss 4:22 (DeSare)
60.They Can’t Take That Away From Me 3:05 (Gershwin, Gershwin)
61.I Feel The Earth Move 3:38 (King)
62.There Will Neve Be Another You 4:48 (Gordon, Warren)
63.Lover’s Lullaby 2:25 (DeSare)
Tony Desare – Radio Show (Telarc) CD-83689 [Incomplete because of time limits]
64.Get Happy 3:30 (Arlen, Koehler)
65.A Little Bit Closer 3:16 (DeSare)
66.Bizarre Love Triangle 3:49 (Gilbert, Hook, Morris, Summer)
67.All Or Nothing At All 4:44 (Altman, Lawrence)
68.Lazy River 3:21 (Arodin, Carmichael)
69.Easy Lover 4:16 (Bailey, Collins, East)
70.Hallelujah I Love Her So 3:25 (Charles)