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The Last Century

Music for flute, from the second half of the 20th century.

1.     Enrique Raxach; Imaginary Landscape; Harrie Starreveld flute, (pictured) Peter Prommel percussion

2.     Theo Loevendie; Strands for flute solo; Harrie Starreveld flute

3.     Otto Ketting; A set of pieces; Harrie Starreveld flute, René Eckhardt piano

4.     Ton Bruynèl; Serène; Harrie Starreveld flute

5.     Martijn Padding; Harmonypricker; Harrie Starreveld, René Eckhardt piano

6.     Ton de Leeuw; Night Music; Harrie Starreveld

7.     Hans Henkemans; Epilogue; Hans Starreveld flute, René Eckhardt piano



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