Who’s afraid of Jackie McLean ?

wed 18 aug 2021
Theme: Jazz

Sat 21st Aug, 17:00  – House of Hard Bop. It is 1964. Altsaxophonist Jackie McLean records his 15th album for Blue Note: It’s Time!

It’s his third title with an exclamation mark. Urgent! Trumpeter Charles Tolliver and pianist Herbie Hancock are the two youngsters in the group, resp. 22 and 25 years old. Alongside them we hear Cecil McBee (bass) and Louis Hayes (drums).

In the piece Cancellation the soloists take us on a trip which takes us far out of our comfort zone. It also requires concentration to keep in touch. Pianist Hancock is very much present and provides a powerful stimulus to the brass.

Das’ Dat takes a step back, both in tempo and idiom. Here we come into the territory of relaxed bluesy hard bop, to which Hancock also restricts himself. In his playing there echoes of Horace Silver.

McLean and Tolliver were the composers. You only need one guess as to who the composer of Revillot is.

In general it’s just revel in this hard driving hard bop.

That’s for sure!

But beforehand you’ll hear three pieces from the album Vertigo (1962), the record with which programme maker Eric Ineke opened on 17 juli his Jackie McLean-trilogy. Next month episode three – the final episode.