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di 6 dec 2022 00:00 uur

JazzNotJazz – World music meets Jazz


For his this month’s JazzNotJazz program Jazzdrummer Felix Schlarmann invited pianist Franz von Chossy to share a playlist focussing on the encounters of World music with Jazz.
How can different genres influence each other? Is is still necessary to draw a line between them? In this programme the focus lies on tracks, which use elements from middle eastern music, traditional music from along the Silk Road, to European and Jazz music without loosing their respective integrity.


1. 138 – Kayvan Chemirani (The Rhythm Alchemy, 2019)
2. Karchata – Leléka (Sonce U Serci, 2021)
3. Anamkhara – Kelly Thoma (Anamkhara, 2009)
4. Trouble Maker – Arifa (Danubian Voyage, 2022)
5. Bazum En Qo Gtutyunqd – Tigran Hamasyan, Yerevan State Chamber Choir
(Luys I Luso, 2015)
6. Dawn: V. Offering – Kayhan Kalhor, Rembrandt Frerichs Trio
(It’s Still Autumn, 2019)
7. Sana Bele n’oldu Yar – Esra Dalfidan (Counterpoint, 2021)
8. Three Seconds | Kolme Toista: IV Verso – Jussi Reijonen
(Three Seconds | Kolme Toista, 2022)
9. Dareyn – Emine Bostanci (Dareyn, 2021)
10. Cut the Rug: Bury the Hatchet – David Bruce, Yo-Yo-Ma, Silkroad Ensemble
(A Playlist without Borders, 2013)