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Ook in 2023 hopen we u in dit uur te verblijden met nieuwe, prachtige cd’s met Oude Muziek. Vandaag Coronation Anthems van Händel door Le Concert Spirituel olv. Hervé Niquet, en luitmuziek uit het Italiaanse seicento door luitist Luca Pianca.

Georg Friedrich Händel (1685-1759)
1. ‘Dettingen Te Deum’, HWV 283
– We praise thee, O God
– All the earthe doth worship thee
– To thee all angels cry aloud
– To thee Cherubin and Seraphim
– The glorious company of the apostles
– Thou art the King of Glory
– When thou tookest upon thee to deliver man
– When thou hadst overcome the sharpness of death
– Thou sittest at the right hand of God
– Symphony
– We therefore pray thee, help the servants
– Make them to be numbered with thy saints
– Day by day, we magnify thee
– Vouchsafe, o Lord
– O Lord, in thee have I trusted

Le Concert Spirituel olv. Hervé Niquet
(CD Coronation Anthems – Handel. Alpha Classics Alpha 868, 2022)


Pietro Paolo Melli (b.1579)
Uit: Intavolatura di Liuto attiorbato, Libro secondo (Venetië 1614)
2. Cappriccio cromatico
3. Gagliarda ‘La Claudiana’
4. Gagliarda ‘La Farnese’
5. Corrente ‘La Sansona’

Alessandro Piccinini (1566-1638)
Uit: Intavolatura di liuto et di Chitaronne, Libro primo (Bologna, 1623)
6. Toccata XX
7. Toccata XV
8. Gagliarda III

Pietro Paolo Raimondo (+ 1647)
Uit: Libro de Sonate diverse (manuscript Como, 1601)
9. Toccata
10. Fuga

Luca Pianca, aartsluit
(CD The Art of Resonance, Passacaille 1120, 2022)

Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger (ca.1580-1651)
11. Corrente I
Luca Pianca, theorbe
(CD The Art of Resonance, Passacaille 1120, 2022)