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American Highways


Time is completely variable, as Einstein theorized, and as these miniatures prove. In this episode of American Highways, pianist Guy Livingston brings us some of the shortest compositions ever written.


Some are pieces that attempt to stretch time out beyond their tiny length, others bring us into new worlds. Most are from Guy Livingston’s CD entitled “Don’t Panic” for solo piano.

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Theme Music :

Jan Jeroen (J.J.) Spijkervet & Immersive Sound
“American Highways” Jingle
Sounds About Right
composed for Concertzender

Ned McGowan
Pneumatic Screed Extension Handle Cover
Karnatic Lab KLR 013

George Antheil
Antheil: Six Little Pieces For String Quartet (1931)
Del Sol Quartet
Other Minds (distr Naxos) OM1008-2

William Bolcom & Arnold Weinstein
Bengt-Ake Lundin & Malena Ernman
BIS ‎– BIS-CD-1154

Henry Cowell
What’s This (First Encore to ‘Dynamic Motion’)
Amiable Conversation (Second Encore)
Henry Cowell, piano
Smithsonian Folkways

Guy Livingston
Antheil’s Dream
Guy Livingston, electronics

Charles Ives
Ann Street
Antoine Palloc & Rayanne Dupuis
SOUPIR Editions (S221)

William Bolcom
Songs To Dance –
I Am Not Free
This is a Face
Since I Have
William Bolcom, piano; Carole Farley soprano
Naxos 8.559249

Ned McGowan
Tools –
Pneumatic Screed
Hexnut Ensemble
Karnatic Lab KLR 013

Charles Ives
Maple Leaves
Antoine Palloc, piano; Rayanne Dupuis, soprano
SOUPIR Editions (S221)

Martin Fondse
Extra Time, The 60 Seconds Way
VII. Country Life
III. Time to Make a Difference
V. Chrono Logic
Amstel Quartet
AR 009

Ned McGowan
Tools – Pneumatic Screed Extension Handle
Hexnut Ensemble
Karnatic Lab KLR 013

Jean-Emile Biayenda
ARB Music 3597496936427

David Robbins/Marc Blitzstein
Let’s Do Something
David Campbell, Steven Tyler, Erin Hill, Dan Jenkins
RCA Victor 09026-63577-2

Jonathan Norton 59” of Piano
Alan Shockley cold springs branch, 10 p.m.
Moritz Eggert Hämmerklavier XI
Tuyet A. Tran Tonal Imagery
Fritz Lauer Slusha, for C.E.
William Bolcom A 60-second Ballet (for chickens)
Joshua Cody Two-Chord Warp
Joanna Bailie GIRO 1
Martial Robert 1’ de Tonio Kröger
Patricia Elizabeth Martinez Absolutis-s
Riccardo Vaglini PASSATEMPO
Gene Pritsker im afraid you might ask for a fragment of my soul
Newt Hinton Nakano-ku (à S.D.)
Ketty Nez Moondrunk
Patrick Cahallan xxx.rhapsody
Yoichi Togawa prelude 1
Barbara Engel Punch and Judy’s Waltz
Joseph Butch Rovan Miro Sketch: Mostly Yellow
Frederick Frahm Sonata Moirai
Victor Ekimovsky Jenseits des Guten und des Bösen
Alper Maral Verschiebung
Stéphane Leach Piano Piece for Guy
Ketzel Cotel piece for paws
Vanessa Lann DD (Double D)
Walter Haven Minute Rice
Giovanni Mancuso Saltarello for Guy
Sergio Pallante Polis
D. Andrew Stewart réveil
Elliott Sharp Snaps
Robert Eidschun Specks
Lionel Sainsbury Prelude
Richard Carrick Slowness
Walter Sanchez Thinking
Atsushi Yoshinaka HARU NO YOI – Miyabi no Uta
Atanasio Khyrsh Parce que je le vaux bien
Lansing D. McLoskey Theft
Guy Livingston, pianist
WERGO 6649-2

Frederick Chopin
Minute Waltz
Guy Livingston, piano


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