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Bonum est

do 21 jun 2012 18:00 uur
Genre: Gregoriaans
Componist: Gregoriaans

Bonum est: een programma over het Gregoriaans. Oosterse Liturgieën 8 – Divna Ljubojevic & Lycourgos Angelopoulos.

In de 80e aflevering van Bonum est hoort u hoogtepunten uit de rijke Byzantijnse traditie die ononderbroken terugvoert tot het begin van het Christendom.
Op foto: Lycourgos Angelopoulos
1. Hail Mary, Luke 1, 28 And 42 Byzantine Chant (At Vespers)
2. Sticheron Of The Vespers Of The Dormiton Of The Mother Of God
3. Hail Mary, Luke 1, 28 And 42 Byzantine Chant
4. The Great Suplicatory Kanon
5. It Is An Honor To Call Thee Blessed, Gregoire Protopsalt, (Heirmos)
6. Three Stichera For The Vespers Of The Annunciation Of The Mother Of God
7. It Is An Honor To Call Thee Blessed, Byzantine Chant, 15e eeuw (Heirmos)
8. “Then He Shall Speak To Them In His Anger”.
9. Cheroubikon
10. “Bless The Lord” Verse From “Latran” Poyeleos (Psalm 134)
11. Bless The Lord, O My Soul – Psalm 102, 1-22, Byzantine Chant
12. Today The Virgin… Kontakion, 3rd Mode By Romanos The Melodist
13. Credo (Divna Ljubojevic)
14. Glory To God (Petros Lambadarios, 1735-1778) 15. Pater Noster (Divna Ljubojevic)
16. Our Savior Has Visited Us From On High (Petros Lambadarios)
17. The Magi, Kings Of Persia Serbian Chant (At The Vespers)
The Byzantine Choir Of Greece olv. Lycourgos Angelopoulos.
Divna Ljubojevic, zang (zie foto onder). The Melodi Choir
CD: The Glory Of Byzantium
(JADE 699601-2, 1994 / 2006)