Combo Swing

di 19 mei 2009 19:00 uur
Genre: Swing

Trompettist Wingy Manone and his Orchestra (1938-1940). Met bekende namen als tenorist Chu Berry en drummer Cozy Cole. Over Manone als zanger zijn de meningen verdeeld.

  1. Manone Blues                  Wingy Manone                         
  2. Flat Foot Floogie              Gaillard / Stewart                        
  3. Little Joe From Chicago
   Wingy Manone                      
  4. Downright Disgusted        Manone / Shand                        
  5. Corine Corini                    Williams/Chatman/Parish         
  6. I’m A Real Kinda Papa     Graham / Pinkard                    
  8. Casey Jones                       Selbert / Newton
  9. Boogie Woogie                 Manone / Smith                     
10. Royal
Blues         Williams / Williams                
11. Beale Street Blues             W.C.Handy                               
12. In The Barrel                     Armstrong                              
13. Farewell Blues                  Schoebel/Mares/Rappolo      
14. Fare Thee, My Baby,        Wingy Manone                     
            Fare Thee Well
15. Limehouse Blues              Furber / Braham                       
16. Blue Lou                           E.Sampson                             
17. Sudan
                                Manone / Dale                            
18. My Honey’s Lovin Arms  Ruby /Meyer                           
19. When My Sugar Walks     Austin/McHugh/Mills           
           Down The Street
20. She’s Crying For Me         Pecora                                      
21. Put On Your Old Grey       Murphy / Wenrich