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De nacht van Sandy Denny

zo 11 mei 2008 01:00 uur
Componisten: Paul Simon | Richard Thompson

‘Sandy Denny was the greatest female artist of her generation’ (Richard Thompson). Een nacht als eerbetoon aan de stem van de Engelse folk en pop. Met veel minder bekende opnamen – oa. Fairport Convention, Jackson C Frank, Bert Jansch, June Tabor, Linda Thompson, Renaissance, Paul Simon, Shelagh McDonald en natuurlijk Sandy Denny.

1. 3.10 to Yuma. Sandy & Johnny (1967).
2. Who Knows Where The Time Goes. Sandy Denny & The Strawbs (1968).
3. Autopsy. Fairport Convention.
4. Fotheringay. Fairport Convention.
5. Come all ye / Farewell farewell / Crazy Man Michael. Fairport Convention.
6. The Sea / The Banks of the Nile. Fotheringay.
7. The North Star Grassman and the Ravens. Sandy Denny.
8. Listen, listen. Sandy Denny.
9. Whispering Grass. Sandy.
10. No End (solo-versie). Sandy Denny.
11. After Halloween. Sandy Denny.
12. I’m A Dreamer. Sandy Denny.
13. Saw Through My Eyes. Ian Matthews.
14. Water Mother / Are The Judges Sane. (soundtrack Swedish Fly Girls). Sandy Denny.
15. Moments. Sandy Denny (laatste studio-opname, mei’77).
(samenstelling: Eelco Schilder, dit programma-onderdeel is een herhaling van Metamorfose, eerder uitgezonden op de Concertzender).

1. You Never Wanted Me. Alex Campbell & Friends (1967).
2. Fhir A’Bhata. Sandy Denny (1966).
3. Green Grow The Laurels. Sandy Denny (1966).
4. The Recruited Collier. Anne Briggs.
5. You Never Wanted Me. Jackson C. Frank.
6. Blues Run The Game. Sandy Denny (1967).
7. A Most Peculiar Man. Paul Simon.
8. Let No Man Steal Your Rhym. Isla Cameron.
9. Been On The Road So Long. Sandy & Johnny (1967).
10. The First Time I Saw Your Face. Bert Jansch.

1. Nottuman Town (BBC, 28 mei 1968). Fairport Convention.
2. Tam Lin (BBC, 23 sept.1969). Fairport Convention.
3. Autopsy. Fairport Convention.
4. Come Ye All. Fairport Convention.
5. Suzanne (BBC, 26 aug.1968). Fairport Convention.
6. Who Knows Where The Time Goes. Fairport Convention.
7. Sandy Denny, live, 16 maart 1972, Paris Theatre London. The North Star Grassman And The Ravens / Sweet Rosemary / The Lady / Bruton Town / Next Time Around / Blackwaterside / John The Gun.


1. The North Star Grassman and The Ravens. Sandy Denny.
2. Sweet Rosemary. Sandy Denny.
3. The Lady. Sandy Denny.
4. Next Time Around. Sandy Denny.
5. Blackwaterside. Sandy Denny.
6. John The Gun. Sandy Denny.
7. King & Queen Of England (demo, dec.1974). Sandy Denny.
8. Whispering Grass. Sandy.
9. Like An Old Fashioned Waltz (BBC, 1973). Sandy Denny.
10. Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood. Sandy Denny.
11. Sandy Denny, sessie, BBC, 20 nov.1972. It Suits Me Well / The Music Weaver / Bushes and Briars / It’ll Take A Long Time.
12. Late November. Sandy Denny.

1. Fotheringay. Fairport Convention.
2. Ophelia’s Song. Shelagh McDonald.
3. Michael In The Garden. Ralph McTell.
4. The Sea. Fotheringay.
5. The Sea. Renaissance.
6. At The End Of The Day (alternate). Sandy Denny.
7. Life and Life Only. Al Stewart.
8. Now and Then (demo, 1968). Sandy Denny.
9. The Summer Day Reflection Song. Donovan.
10 The Fawn. Keith Christmas.
11. Milk and Honey. Sandy Denny.
12. Cruel Sister. Pentangle.
13. Reynardine. Fairport Convention.
1. Solo. Sandy Denny.
2. The Banks of the Clyde. Linda Thompson.
3. Quiet Joys of Brotherhood (Liege & Lief-outtake). Fairport Convention.
4. I’m A Dreamer (demo). Sandy Denny.
5. Crazy Lady Blues. Sandy Denny.
6. I’m A Dreamer. Linda Thompson.
7. Solo (live, BBC). Sandy Denny.
8. The Sea Captain. Sandy Denny.
9. Listen, listen. Sandy Denny.
10. The Old Garden Gate. June Tabor.
11. Solo (live, 1974). Fairport Convention.
12. No End (piano-versie). Sandy Denny.