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Music & Politics. Episode #3: Keep the Funk Alive.

The Funk Revolution in the Rock Culture

‘Funk is something that’s still around, it just smells a little bit different. Funk hasn’t received the critical attention that rock, jazz, and the blues have-until now. Funk music is a vibrant history-the history of a uniquely American music born out of tradition and community, filled with energy, attitude, anger, hope, and an irrepressible spirit.
Funk music in Europe arrived as an softened version of disco music losing its power and its social strength.
From Bernard Wright to The Bamboos and Blindosbarra we explore all the different era and times of this incredible music style.
We keep the funk alive, and the mind will follow.’

  1. BERNARD WRIGHT : Firebolt Hustle
  2. THIEVERY CORPORATION : Joy Ride (feat. Mr. Lif and Sitali)
  3. THE METERS : Just Kissed My Baby
  4. MTUME : Prime Time  (DLM downbeat rework) 
  5. KOOL & THE GANG : Summer Madness
  6. 94 EAST FEAT. PRINCE : Games (Alternate instrumental version)
  7. BLINDOSBARRA  (the original italian funk band) : L’incrocio 
  8. GIL SCOTT HERON : Winter in America (live)
  9. PHO : Face
  10. THE BAMBOOS : Night Time People
  11. AMERIGO GAZAWAY : Living For The City
  12. CURTIS MAYFIELD : Hard Times
  13. LOUIS PRIMA : Felicia no Capicia