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za 24 okt 2020 22:00 uur
Componist: Vuma Levin

Vuma Levin


In this episode of JazzNotJazz, we have South African guitarist Vuma Levin with us. Vuma was raised during the unstable years of post-apartheid South Africa, and his music is an attempt to interrogate conceptions of identity, nationalism, culture, power, and being present in both globally and in the emergent, post-1994 South African Democratic Project.

According to The Mail and Guardian, “Vuma Levin is destined to be one of South Africa’s greatest Jazz Musicians”. He is an eclectically cutting edge, and aesthetically refreshing new addition to the contemporary African Jazz scene.

During the show, Vuma will be dialing-in to share some of his motivations, beliefs and tell us more about his journey so far.

1.    Hashtag
2.   Antique Spoon
3.   Palmas
4.   The Giant in The Park
5.   The Maze
6.   Rebirth
7.   Airport Terminal
8.   End of the Rainbow
9.   Promenade


For more, go to: www.vumalevin.co.za


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