za 26 sep 2020 22:00 uur

Tin Men & the Telephone


In this episode of JazzNotJazz, we are going to focus on Amsterdam based band Tin Men & the Telephone. The trio is lead by pianist Tony Roe and is known for its incorporation of digital technology into their live performances where the audience interacts with the band via the band’s app Tinmendo and influences what the band plays in real-time.

During the show, we’ll listen to their album World Domination Part 1 – Furie, and Tony will be dialing in to tell us more about the album and their music.

1.    Furie
2.   Elmo Erdogan
3.   The Wall
4.   Autonomous Weapons
5.   Skit 1
6.   Church Towers, Pt.3
7.   Comme Des Chiens
8.   Kim Jong-Un
9.   Op. 114


For more information, go to www.tinmenandthetelephone.com
To buy tickets to the online shows, send an email to info@tinmenandthetelephone.com