za 28 nov 2020 22:00 uur

Nina Rompa – There


In this edition of JazzNotJazz we have Dutch singer Nina Rompa with her newly released debut album There. The album features Gijs Idema on Guitar and Mo van der Does on the clarinet. This melancholic and minimalistic album promises to take you on a journey to a mystical place where everything that seems impossible is possible.

The album is the result of a beautiful compositional process between Nina and Gijs who built it up over the years of knowing each other.

Later on the show Nina will be dialing in to tell us more about her music and this album.

1.    I
2.   Vlinderveluwheid
3.   Aria
4.   Dance of Doubt
5.   Pause
6.   Dance
7.   II
8.  The Peacocks
9.  Oya
10. Waai
11.  Night
12. There
13. III


For more information, go to www.ninarompa.com