In today’s edition of JazzNotJazz, I have invited the band Fluks on the show. Fluks is an Utrecht based Dutch group that consists of trumpet, synthesizers and drums. Even though its a trio, the band sounds MASSIVE.


The unusual combination of trumpet with analogue synths and drum grooves complimented with samples, Flucks really stand out. This Electro-IndieJazz trio draws its inspiration from Jazz, indie, rock, and various dance styles. That’s why this compact outfit rocks any stage that it is on.


Later on the show all the members of the band will be dialling-in to tell us more about them and their music.


1.    Human
2.   Hey Mister
3.   Citizen4
4.   The Moose
5.   Nostalgia’88
6.   Bureau121
7.   Buurvrouw
8.  Oktober
9.  Skulf
10. Cookie
11.  Barracuda
12. Heatwave


For more information, go to www.fluksmusic.bandcamp.com