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za 6 mrt 2021 22:00 uur

JazzNot Jazz – All the way from Jazz to Ambient and Electronic Music… and back!


Jazzdrummer Felix Schlarmann’s 48th program for Dutch online radio Concertzender Nederland focusses on various recordings of Jazz, Ambient and Electronic Music.
Though the musicians partly come from very different backgrounds, environments and countries, still there are many connections and overlaps in their music.
Since Felix’s collaboration with German pianist and electronic composer Roman Rofalski in 2020 lead to a collaborative recording session, this playlist includes also songs of theirs, and some recommendations by Rofalski.

It is a varied selection of tracks containing electronic sound artists like Andy Stott or Arca, jazz players like Bill Frisell or Jakob Bro, and ambient artists like Daniel Lanois or the Dutch group Under The Surface.


01. Introduction – Jakob Bro (Sidetracked, 2005)
02. Perpetuum – Roman Rofalski & Felix Schlarmann (Perpetuum, 2020)
03. Moksha – Joost Lijbaart, Bram Stadhouders, Sanne Rambags (Trinity, 2019)
04. Simulacrum II – Aho Ssan (Simulacrum)
05. Deconstruction – Daniel Lanois (Goodbye to Language, 2016)
06. Kentucky Derby – Bill Frisell (Music IS, 2018)
07. Alpha – Roman Rofalski (Loophole, 2020)
08. Sea – Roman Rofalski (Loophole, 2020)
09. Piel – Arca (Arca, 2017)
10. Virginal I – Tim Hecker (Virgins, 2013)
11. Collapse – Andy Stott (It Should Be Us, 2019)
12. Slaraffenland – Jakob Bro, Arve Henriksen & Jorge Rossy (Uma Elmo, 2021)
13. Bulbs – David Torn, Tim Berne, Craig Taborn & Tom Rainey (Prezens, 2007)
14. Ortum Ossa – Torn & Roho (Fatum, 2021)