za 27 mrt 2021 22:00 uur
Componist: Sam Newbould

Bogus Notus – Sam Newbould. In today’s edition of JazzNotJazz, we have English alto-Saxophonist and composer Sam Newbould with his ‘Keep an Eye’-award winning group Sam Newbould Quintet.


Sam just released a new album called Bogus Notus which has been described by Bebop Spoken Here as “a deep and dark rather profound album with rich, often discordant, harmonies combine to make this compulsive listening.”

Later on show, Sam will be dialling in to tell more about him and his musical journey so far.


  1. Concrete Caterpillar
  2. Do It Yourself
  3. Bogus Notus
  4. Song for Annie
  5. Right-side of the Cove
  6. Super-fast Fibre Optic Broadband
  7. Carried to the Common
  8. Left Side of the Cove
  9. Brexit means Brexit
  10. Ownerless Gardens


For more information, go to www.samnewbould.com