za 24 apr 2021 22:00 uur
Componist: Bernard van Rossum

Bernard Van Rossum

In today’s edition of JazzNotJazz, We have dutch saxophonist, composer and arranger Bernard van Rossum with his award winning BvR Flamenco big band, and his Bernard van Rossum Quartet. Bernard was born and brought up in Spain, and even though he went to university in Scotland to study biology, he soon decided to transition to music as it was his biggest passion.

Later in the show Bernard will dialling in to be with us and tell us more about his music.


  1. La Gaviota (Bulerías)
  2. After the Storm
  3. El Caprichoso Pincel
  4. Tras la Tormenta feat. Ben van Gelder
  5. Luz de Luna feat. Antonio Serrano
  6. Trampoline
  7. El Gladiador Cobarde (Bulerías)
  8. El Ultimo Tangos
  9. Tricycle


For more information, go to www.bernardvanrossum.com