za 24 jul 2021 22:00 uur
Componisten: AM.OK | Tijn Wybenga

Tijn Wybenga – Brainteaser

In today’s edition of JazzNotJazz, we have Amsterdam based Dutch composer and conductor Tijn Wybenga, with his newly released album Brainteaser from his project AM.OK. Tijn brings out the best of the young Dutch Jazz scene into this album where everyone inspires each other and is a part of the compositional process right from the start. Together, they make some really intense music that is highly personal and specific.


In the show, Tijn will dial-in to tell us more about his compositional style and his musical journey so far.


  1. Aplauso

  2. Triudium

  3. Aurelya

  4. Roofles

  5. Neapy

  6. Gut Pluriarc


For more information, go to www.tijnwybenga.com or www.zennezrecords.com