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za 26 feb 2022 22:00 uur

Avishai Darash feat. Marmoucha Orchestra – Andalusian Love Song

In today’s edition of JazzNotJazz, we have Amsterdam based Israeli pianist and composer Avishai Darash with his latest album Andalusian Love Song, featuring the Marmoucha Orchestra. During the show, we’re going to listen to the album and Avishai will dial-in to tell us more about the music and the bend of musical styles in this fantastic album.


1. Andalusian Love Song

2. Kartana

3. She’s the Perfume in the Wind

4. Longing/Sadness

5. Twishya Hijaz El Kbir

6. Prakriti

7. Mohamed’s Blues

8. The Day After

9. Arriving Home


For more information, go to www.avidarash.com or www.marmoucha.nl