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za 6 aug 2022 22:00 uur
Componist: Paul Motian Band

JazzNotJazz – Paul Motian part 1


Jazzdrummer Felix Schlarmann’s 56th program for Dutch online radio Concertzender Nederland focusses on the original compositions and later work of drummer and composer Paul Motian.
Striking is the open playing, the creation of space within the music and Motian’s favourite line-up, the special setting of saxophone, drums and guitar as in his long time trio with Joe Lovano and Bill Frisell.


01. Etude, Paul Motian Band (Garden of Eden, ECM, 2006)
02. White Magic, Paul Motian Band (Psalm, ECM 1982)
03. Tennessee Waltz, Paul Motian (The Windmills of your Mind, Winter & Winter, 2011)
04. Holiday for Strings, Paul Motian & the E.B.B.B. (Holiday for Strings, Winter & Winter, 2002)
05. Play, Paul Motian Trio (Sound of Love, Winter & Winter, 1998)
06. New Moon, Paul Motian & the E.B.B.B. (Europe, Winter & Winter, 2001)
07. Gang of Five, Paul Motian Trio 2000 + Two (Live at the Village Vanguard Vol. 3, Winter & Winter, 2010)
08. Folks who live on a Hill, Paul Motian Trio 2000 + One (On Broadway Vol. 4, Winter & Winter, 2006)
09. Evening Song, Jakob Bro (Balladeering, Loveland Recordings, 2009)
10. Rootie Tootie, Paul Motian & the E.B.B.B. (Play Monk & Powell, Winter & Winter, 1999)
11. Sketches, Paul Motian (I Have The Room Above Her, ECM, 2005)
12. Bill, Paul Motian Band (Garden of Eden, ECM, 2006)