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za 16 jan 2021 22:00 uur

Music & Politics. Episode #24. WE, THE PEOPLE

Finally we jumped into the 2021, nothing has changed so far but from a mind point of view not to see anymore the number 2020 is something in a period of tough troubles.
We, the people are the ones to survive all this but we can survive only if we open our souls to art, culture and music. We, the people, are the ones who can make it only if we fly over the troubles.
We the people, we listen to the music , we dream to go back to a concert and we never give up on a better future.
We, the people, who else.
1) DON’T GO: Sum Such (feat. Matty Eeles)
2) UNITY (it’s up to you): Badge E’poque Ensemble (feat. James Baley)
3) SECOND SERVING: The Black Nile
4) WA MPONA: Moses Taiwa Molelekwa (feat. Chris Bowden & Mxholise Mayekana)
5) MOTHER: Nate Morgan
6) IF I CAN IF I MAY: Mourning a Blkstar
7) THE BAKER’S DAUGHTER: Azar Lawrence Quartet
8) I COME RUNNING BACK: Sandra Wright
9) WAITING: Magnùs Jòhann
10) DON’T BE AFRAID: Cooly’s Hot Box
11) CARPE DIEM: Terje Gewelt
12) COWBOY MOVIE (live): David Crosby