ma 11 sep 2006 09:02 uur
Componisten: Howard Hanson | John Adams

In deze Ochtendeditie o.a muziek van Robin Holcomb, de hele elpee Saturn Rings van Michelle en een blokje avantgarde folk door Veda Hill afgewisseld met een onbekend Amerikaans strijkkwartet en een 9/11 collage.

Het Ochtendhotel
Sufjan Stevens. Seven Swans. Cycle 017
1. All The Trees Of The Field Will Clap Their Hands
Robin Holcomb. Robin Holcomb. Elektra 7559-60983-2
2. The American Rhine
3. Electrical Storm
4. So Straight And Slow
5. Yr Mother Called Them Farmhouses
6. Waltz
7. This Poem Is In Memory Of!
8. Deliver Me

De Ochtendstrijk
Howard Hanson. Quartet in One Movement.
The Kohon Quartet. American String Quartets 1900-1950. Vox Box 11 59192

De Ochtendelpee
Michelle. Saturn Rings (1969) ABC LP 684, CD Salamander 1481
1. Jameson. Would You Like to Go
2. Blind as You Are
3. Song to a Magic Frog
4. Listen Now!
5. Boettcher. Mallory. Spinning, Spinning, Spinning
6. Jameson. Know Yourself
7. Almer, Boettcher. Musty Dusty
8. Boettcher. Lament of the Astro Cowboy
9. Jameson, O’Malley. White Linen
10. Misty Mirage
11. Believe You

USA 9/11 #1
1. Bernstein/Jackson/O’List/Emerson/Davison. America (Single Version). The Nice. Atom Music ATOM 2005.
2. John Adams. On the Transmigration of Souls. New York Philharmonic. New York Choral Artists. Brooklyn Youth Chorus. olv Lorin Maazel. Nonesuch 979 816.
3. Bernstein/Jackson/O’List/Emerson/Davison. America, 2nd Movement. The Nice. Atom Music ATOM 2005.

Veda Hill
Veda Hille. Return of the Kildeer. Ape records APECD010
1. Queen Of The May
2. Bedlam!
3. My Disappointment
4. Oh, The Endless Fog!
5. Coerce
6. Frank Mills
7. Planck’s Length
8. Bad Heart
9. Every Morning
10. Liza Jane
11. Where Am I From?