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do 14 sep 2006 09:02 uur

In deze Ochtendeditie o.a muziek van Graham Nash, de hele elpee Judee Sill van Judee Sill en een blokje The Birth of Country Rock afgewisseld met een onbekend Amerikaans strijkkwartet en een 9/11 collage.

Het Ochtendhotel
Judee Sill. Judee Sill. Rhino handmade RHM27836
1. Lady-O
Graham Nash. Songs For Beginners. Atlantic 7204-2
2. I Used To Be A King
3. Military Madness
4. Better Days
5. Wounded Bird
6. Be Yourself
7. Simple Man
8. Man In The Mirror
9. There’s Only One
10. Sleep Song
11. Chicago
12. We Can Change The World

De Ochtendstrijk
1. Walter Piston. Quartet No.5
The Kohon Quartet. American String Quartets 1900-1950. Vox Box 11 59192
2. Benjamin Franklin. String Quartet.
The Kohon Quartet. The Early String Quartets in the U.S.A. Vox Box 11 57742

De Ochtendelpee
Judee Sill. Judee Sill. Rhino handmade RHM27836
1. Crayon Angel
2. The Phantom Cowboy
3. The Archetypal Man
4. The Lamb Ran Away with the Crown
5. Lady-O
6. Jesus Was a Cross Maker
7. Ridge Rider
8. My Man on Love
9. Lopin’ along thru the Cosmos
10. Enchanted Sky Machines
11. Abracadabra

USA 9/11 #4
Laurie Anderson. Live at Town Hall, NYC September 19-20. Laurie Anderson & band. Nonesuch 979 681
1. Beginning French.
2. O Superman.
3. Slip Away.
4. White Lily.
5. Puppet Motel.
6. Love Among the Sailors.
7. Coolsville.

The Birth of Country Rock
Country & West Coast: The Birth Of Country Rock. Big Beat BoooFG5NHE
1. Time Between. The Byrds
2. Why Not Your Baby. Dillard & Clark
3. Luxury Liner. The International Submarine Band
4. Georgia. The Gosdin Brothers
5. One Hundred Years From Now. The Byrds
6. Nobody Knows. The Dillards
7. Sin City. The Flying Burrito Brothers
8. Nine Times Blue. Michael Nesmith & The First National Band
9. Ooh Las Vegas. Gram Parsons
10. April Anne. John Phillips
11. You Better Think Twice. Poco
12. Make Up Your Mind. The Spencers
13. Butchie’s Theme. The Lovin’ Spoonful