In deze Ochtendeditie de elpee Down to Earth van de Subterraneans, o.a. omlijst met een krakende Jimmy Rodgers, ambient en bijzondere pop en folk.

Het Ochtendhotel
1. Northern Sky. Nick Drake. Anthems In Eden: Please Sing A Song For Us. Castlemusic cmxbx1030
2. Leaving Trains. James William Hindle. Prospect Park. Badman Heat 13
3. Michael In The Garden. Ralph McTell. Anthems In Eden: Please Sing A Song For Us. Castlemusic cmxbx1030
4. The Fawn. Keith Christmas. Anthems In Eden: Please Sing A Song For Us. Castlemusic cmxbx1030
5. Princesa. Tété Alhinho. Voz. World Connection WC43043
6. Meadows And Fields. Maria Kalaniemi. Bellow Poetry. Dalula 1051
7. Jenny Again. Tunng. Comments Of The Inner Chorus. Fulltimehobby 019CDX
8. Celebration. James William Hindle. Prospect Park. Badman Heat 13
9. Bees Laura Cantrell. Folk Off (North America). Sunday best SBESTCD12

78 toeren en vooroorlogs: Jimmie Rodgers 1. JSP 7704
1. The Soldier’s Sweetheart
2. Sleep, Baby, Sleep
3. Ben Dewberry’s Final Run
4. Mother Was a Lady
5. T for Texas
6. Away Out on the Mountain
7. Dear Old Sunny South by the Sea
8. Treasures Untold
9. Brakeman’s Blues (Yodeling the Blues Away)
10. The Sailor’s Plea
11. In the Jailhouse Now

De Ochtendelpee
The Subterraneans. Down to earth (1968) OP ART, OA-LP 002 (reissue 2001)
Kant 1:
1. Psycho-Brainwashing Blues.
2. Mister Judge.
3. Trouble in Mind.
4. Lost Train Blues.
5. Poor Boy.
Kant 2:
6. Bring it on Home.
7. Help Me.
8. Everybody will need K.J.
9. Confessin’ up my Mind.
10. Long Time Gone.
11. Inside Out / Upside Down.
12. Explain all this stuff to me.

Ambient #3
1. Jasun Martz. The Pillory/The Battle #1A. The International Philharmonic Orchestra olv Jasun Martz. Under The Asphalt UTA 061853
2. Roger Waters. Umma Gumma: Grantchester Meadows. Pink Floyd. EMI 8 31213
3. Bjørg Persen/Mari Boine Persen. Gula Gula: Vilges Suola. Mari Boine Persen en band. Realworld CDRW13
4. Anderson/Eno/Schwalm. Drawn From Life: Like Pictures, # 2. Brian Eno & J Peter Schwalm & Laurie Anderson. Venture CDVE 954
5. Roger Waters. Umma Gumma: Several Species Of Small Furry Animals. Pink Floyd. EMI 8 31213
6. Keith Jarrett. Invocations: Fifth (Recognition). Keith Jarrett, orgel en sopraansaxofoon. ECM 1201/02

1. Snow Lion (Featuring Feist). Readymade FC. Folk Off (CD2 North America). Sundaybest sBESTCD12
Paul Simon.
2. The Side of A Hill. Paul Simon. Songbook. CBS 62579
3. I Don’t Believe. Paul Simon. Surprise. Warner Brothers 9362-49982-2
4. Tha Caolas Eadar Mi s Iain. Julie Fowlis. Mar a tha mo chridhe / As my heart is. Skye skeecd33