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do 20 aug 2009 17:00 uur

WORM Hørspil #2.
De tweede van 6 Worm hoorspelen.
A Radio horspil with cyberpunktext, manipulated voice and digital software.

Blood Electric.
WORM Hørspil #1
© 2007 / Maart 2007
imagine from the scene, where the android at
the end of "the possibility of an island"
(Houellebeque) sat down on the beach and
stared into oblivion with several decades to
spare in solitude and calm bliss…. somehow
evolution went on from there and small
loosely scattered mobs of humanoid androids,
cyborgs and advanced machines primarily
engaged in "sexual social activities" as in
the early good old biblical days, inhabit
the world…. and another 300 years later a
data storage bank that contains decaying
data wich can be remotely accessed, somewhat
like the wikipedia now- or as in a remote
and since long abandonded callcentre in what
used to be Bangladesh- but only as text to
speech since all things are blind by
then…well something like that sums up my
"feel" inside the text bij Kenji Siratori…
furthermore, its a display of the impotency
of words in a "foreign" language no longer
in use or mastered at a sufficient level as
to paint visions with, together with its
references, uttered by a voice with no
emotional attachment to either…. glimpses
of a defunked version of blade runner….
Produced , Composed & Edited by:
Henk Bakker (aka The Melkertman)
Voice: Stephie Buttrich (model 1.9.2)
Text: Kenji Siratori(
This series of Horspils is a co production with VPRO Radio6 / Cafe Sonore