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zo 16 sep 2018 11:00 uur

Vrouwelijke componisten: klassiek, jazz, hedendaags – gekozen en gepresenteerd door Patricia Werner Leanse.


A program with music by previous winners of the Gaudeams Music Prize for composition.

GP 2014: Anna Korsun (Ukraine, 1986). Song of a Fish (2012), for voice.

GP 1987: Karen Tanaka (Japan, 1961). Enchanted Forest (2014), for horn and piano.

GP 1962: Pauline Oliveros (Texas, 1932-2016). Mercury Retrograde (2011), for instruments and electronics.

GP 1998: Kumiko Omura (Japan, 1970). Germination (2003), for violin and piano.

GP 1985: Unsuk Chin (Korea, 1961) [zie foto]. a. Etude nr. 5 (Toccata) (2003). b. Allegro ma non troppo (1998), for solo percussion and tape.


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