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zo 28 jun 2020 12:00 uur

Vrouwelijke componisten: klassiek, jazz, hedendaags – gekozen en gepresenteerd door Patricia Werner Leanse.


1. Alma Mahler (Austria, 1879-New York, 1964). Laue Somernacht (1906), art song.

2. Meira Warschauer (North Carolina, 1949) [zie foto]. Symphony Nr. 1 ‘Living Breathing Earth’ (2007).

3. Soesja Citroen (NL, 1948). Song for Ma (1998), voice, voilin and piano.

4. Andrea Reinkemeyer (Oregon, 1976). a. Saturation (2017), for alto saxophone and piano:  I. Waiting, worrying, listening II. (if I say it often enough, does it become true?) III. the pain travels with you.

5. Cheryl Frances-Hoad (UK, 1980). a. Love Bytes (2012), for soprano, baritone, vibraphone and cello. b. Star Falling (2002) and Blurry Bagattelle (2017), for solo piano.


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