Zwerven door de Barok

Engelse muziek uit de 17e eeuw.

William Lawes (1602-1645)
1. Set a 4 in G Minor
Jacob Heringman en David Miller, theorbe. The Rose Consort of Viols
Henry Lawes
2. My sweetest bird
3. Come, sad turtle
4. Amintor, ah, thou faithless swain
Charles Coleman
5. Wilt thou be gone
Robert Ramsey
6. Go, perjured man!
Robert Johnson
7. As I walked forth
Evelyn Tubb, sopraan. Michael Fields, luit
William Lawes
8. Consort Set a 5 in g minor
– Fantazya
– On the Playnsong
– Aire
Hesperion XXI olv. Jordi Savall
John Dowland
Uit First Booke of Songes (1597):
9. Unquiet thoughts
10. Who ever thinks or hopes of love
11. Come away, come sweet love
12. All ye, whom Love or Fortune hath betray’d
The Consort of Musicke olv. Anthony Rooley
Henry Lawes
13. Consort Set a 5 in A Minor
– Fantazy
– Fantazy
– Aire
Timothy Roberts, orgel. The Rose Consort of Viols