Electronic Cottage

wed 26 jun 2019

On Thursday 27th June at 23:00 in Pakrammel the eighth episode in the series the Electronic Cottage .

Electronic Cottage #8 presents Charles Rice Goff III ( photo). Click here for programme information.

Electronic Cottage is an international platform and magazine for alternative sound art and mailart. But Electronic Cottage is also a ‘community’, of which we can all be a member. So Electronic Cottage is going back to the ‘first DIY movement’ and the accompanying FLUXUS thought heritage; art is everyday and there are no boundaries between art and music. From there emerges the phenomenon mail-art. Together with the development of the music cassette that resulted at the end of the 70’s and begin 80’s in a lively audio-mail-art culture. Electronic Cottage records and at the same time is just as dynamic as 30/40 years ago, by giving every day artists a podium for their absurd and unpredictable ‘art in progress’.

It can’t be heard any more alas but purely for information purposes here’s the American Soundgerm Collection. Two nights which were compiled after attention was given to artists from 2007 , which can also be found and listened to via the Electronic Cottage website.

The American Soundgerm Collection part 1.

The American Soundgerm Collection part 2.

Listen back to:

Electronic Cottage #1; Cassette Culture Node Linz 2018.

Electronic Cottage #2; With music by Don Campau (special focus on his work and collaborations), Tom Furgas, Michael J. Bowman, John Wiggins, Mental Anguish, Chris Phinney, Thomas Park, Dylan Houser and Hal Harmon.

Electronic Cottage #3; The cassette compilation Body Sounds, released in 1988.

Electronic Cottage #4; With the audio folk art dictaphone assemblage ‘Home For The Hellidays’ by Hal McGee.

Electronic Cottage #5; With music by Mental Anguish, Dave Fuglewicz, Jim Barker, Prescott/Bohman and others.

Electronic Cottage #6; With music by Tom Furgas, Bret Hart and Dylan Houser.

Electronic Cottage #7; This hour goes back to the early days of Leslie Singer. From 1983 to 1985 she released five cassette albums under such monikers as Girls on Fire and Sadistic Gossip.