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De Nacht: Varia

Dansen in allrelei vormen + een cursus voor de Amerikaanse clog dance.

01:00 Wilde dans in een afgelgen berghut.
Pallesen. 1. Wilde dans in een afgelegen berghut. 2. Akkersnacker. 3. Kom op pop. 4. Zinder Zoom en zonder end. 5. Horm wil geen vis. 6. Nieuw en langzaam. 7. Farne. 8. Voor het mannetje.
Bite the Gnatze: Paul Pallesen, gitaar, banjo, zang. Alan Purves, drums, percussie. Michel Duijves, klarinetten. Jorrit Dijkstra, saxofoons. Joost Buis, trombone, lapsteel. Jasper Le Clerq, viool. Maurice Horsthuis, altviool. Meinrad Kneer, contrabas.
TryTone TT559-020
02:00 Bell, Allan Gordon. Danse sauvage.
Colleen Athparia, piano.
Centredisques CMCCD 11706
02:13 Dance all night
1. That will never do. 2. Lillie Mae. 3. Come back baby. 4. Hey now. 5. Walkin’slow behind. 6. I’m just your fool. 7. You don’t know. 8. Up the line. 9. Cuttin’in. 10. Mister Dollar. 11. Memories are for ever. 12. Back on Front street.
Sugar Ray Norcia, zang, harmonica. Bob Enos, trompet. Carl Querfurth, trombone. Greg Piccolo, tenorsax. Doug James, bariton sax. Rich Lataille, alt sax. Matt McCabe, piano. Chris Vachon, gitaar. Ken ‘Doc’ Grace, bas. John Rossi, drums.
Bullseye NETCD 9555
02:58 Clog-In: An American Folk Dance Classics. 1.  trad. Old Jimmy Sutton. 2. The basic step. 3. Variations. 4. Chugging Rhytms. 5. Traditional steps. 6. Smooth style flatfooting. 7. Advanced steps. 8. Hell among the yearlings. 9. Colored Aristocracy. 10. Buckdance. 11. Susanana Gal. 12. Golden keyboard/The tinker’s daughter/ The earl’s chair. 13. Miss Liza Poor Gal. 14. Sandy River Belle/Alabama Gals.
o.a. Tommy Jarrell, Clay Buckner, Doug Dorschug, Tommy Thompson.
Flying Fish CD FF 237
03:42 The Sardana, traditionele dansmuziek uit Catalonia. 1. El Chant dels Ocells. 2. Girona m’Enamora. 3. Lídia. 4. Un racó de Claustre. 5. La vall d’Artes. 6. Un tombó nostalgic. 7. Mataró, joiell del Maresme. 8. Encís Guixolenc. 9. Somni. 10. Aigua Xelida. 11. El Saltiro de la Cardina. 12. Pregaria. 13. Cant de Coratge. 14. Tossa Bonica.
Cobla la principal d’Amsterdam met o.a. Edo Wilod Versprille, Maud Sauer, Wim Knip, Peter Oosterveld.
Syncoop 5753 CD 147
04:48 18 opnamen uit de periode 1937-’38
1. Copper coloured Gal. 2. Boris on the bass. 3. I was saying to the moon. 4. Shine. 5. The Japanese Sandman. 6. Without rhythm. 7. Darktown strutters’ Ball. 8. There’s no two ways about it. 9. That foolish feeling. 10. I need you. 11. Watching the stars. 12. Whatcha gonna do when there ain’t no swing. 13. Where is the sun? 14. He ain’t got rhytm. 15. Wake up and live. 16. She’s tall, she’s tan, she’s terrific. 17. The snake charmer. 18. Adam’s apple.
AVRO dansorkest olv Hans Mossel.
NJA 9301
05:37 Come and trip it. Instrumentale Dansmuziek 1780-1920
1. Jullien. Prima Donna Waltz.
2. Jenny Lind Polka.
3. Reinagle.  Minuet and Gavotte.
4. anon. Country fiddle music.
5. Grobe. Natalie Polka-Mazurka. 
6. Flying cloud Schottische.
7. Johnson. Victoria Galop. 
8. The flirt polka. 9. La Sonnambula Quadrille Number 2.
Members of the Federal Music Society olv John Baldon
10. Eliza Jane McCue.
11. Holzmann. Blaze-away.
12. Stone. Ma ragtime baby.
13. Moret. Hiawatha.
14. Schwarz. Chinatown, my chinatown.
15. Logatti. El irresistible.
Gerard Schwarz and his dance orchestra
16. Gumble. At the Missisippi cabaret.
17. Jerome. Valse de ma coeur.
18. Bowman. Kansas city blues.
19. Hickman. Hold me.
20. Gaskill. Waltzing the blues.
21. Turkm. Sweet man.
Dick Hyman and his dance orchestra
New world records 80293-2
06:32 Beethoven. 12 German dances. Wo0 13. 2. 7 Contredanses, Wo0 14. 3. 6 Ecossaises, Wo0 83. 4. Menuett in E, Wo0 82.
Jeno Jandó, piano.
Naxos 8.553798