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In deze Ochtendeditie Ella Fitzgerald en het Jerome Kern Songbook uit 1963, o.a. omlijst met obscure soul, ambient en bijzondere pop en folk.

Het Ochtendhotel
1. Lend A Helping Hand (Sylvia 129). Joan Moody. The ‘Arock’ & ‘Sylvia’ Records Soul Story. Kent cdkend212
2. Across The Great Divide. The Band A Musical History. Capitol 724357187428
3. Two Seconds Of Love. Junior Lewis. The ‘Arock’ & ‘Sylvia’ Records Soul Story. Kent kentcd212
4. Tears Of Rage. The Band. A Musical History. Capitol 724357187428
5. Whatevershebringswesing. Kevin Ayers. Whatevershebringswesing. EMI 724352119721
6. In A Station. The Band. A Musical History. Capitol 724357187428
7. Molengo. Severino Araújo. Brazilian Big Bands – Dancing Days 1904-1954. Fremeaux & associes FA5122
8. The Coasters. One Kiss Led To Another. The Leiber & Stoller Story vol.2. ACE BOOOFO45SE
9. Can’t Stand Your Fooling Around (Arock 1001). Gene Burks. The ‘Arock’ & ‘Sylvia’ Records Soul Story. Kent cdkend212
10. Christine Keller. I’m a woman. The Leiber & Stoller Story vol.2. ACE BOOOFO45SE

Pucho & The Latin Soul Brothers. Prestige 24240
1. Sunny.
2. No One Knows.
3. Cold Shoulder.
4. Big Stick.
5. Left in the Cold.
6. I Can’t Stop Loving You.
7. Let Love Find You.
8. Dateline.

De Ochtendelpee
Ella Fitzgerald en Nelson Riddle’s Orchestra. The Jerome Kern Song Book (1963). VERVE 825 669
Kant 1:
1. Let’s Begin
2. A Fine Romance
3. All the Things You Are
4. I’ll Be Hard to Handle
5. You Couldn’t Be Cuter
6. She Didn’t Say "Yes" Kant 2:
Kant 2:
7. I’m Old Fashioned
8. Remind Me
9. The Way You Look Tonight
10. Yesterdays
11. Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man
12. Why Was I Born?

Ambient #2
1. Roger Waters. Dark Side Of The Moon: Money. Pink Floyd. EMI 582136
2. Czukay/Eno/Schwalm. Drawn From Life: Like Pictures, # 1. Brian Eno & J Peter Schwalm & musicians. Venture CDVE 954
3. Ingram Marshall. Fog Tropes. Orchestra of St Luke’s olv John Adams. Nonesuch 979 249
4. Keith Jarrett. Invocations: Second (Mirages, Realities). Keith Jarrett, orgel. ECM 1201/02
5. Marie Boine Persen. Gula Gula: Gula Gula. Mari Boine Persen en band. Realworld CDRW13
6. Jasun Martz. The Pillory/The Battle #5. The International Philharmonic Orchestra olv Jasun Martz. Under The Asphalt UTA 061853

1. Kaira. Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabeté. In The Heart Of The Moon. World Circuit wcdo72
2. Old Song. Veda Hille. Path Of A Body. Apecd010
3. Come Down Slowly. James William Hindle. Prospect Park. Badman heat 13