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The Great American Songbook

za 19 sep 2009 01:00 uur

The Great American Songbook Jazz Nacht.
Laat U verrassen door muziek van de grootste componisten uit de vorige eeuw in de mooiste uitvoeringen.
Dan weer een rustige ballad, dan weer fenomenaal swingend up-tempo.
Muziek uit uw eigen collectie, die u waarschijnlijk zelf zou opzetten, maar nu dus voor u gedaan wordt.
Elke 1e en 3e vrijdag op zaterdag (En wanneer deze er is; 5e vrijdag op zaterdag) in de maand, van 01u00 tot 06u00.
Mocht u informatie willen hebben over de gedraaide muziek; Stuur een mailtje naar

Helen Forrest Night
Helen Forrest With Artie Shaw & His Orchestra – Sweeter As The Years Go By/Sweet & Simple (Jasmine) JASMCD 2550/2559
1.You’re A Sweet Little Headache 2:56 (Rainger, Robin)
2.Thanks For Everything 3:15 (Revel, Gordon)
3.Day After Day 3:12 (Himber, Green)
4.Say It With A Kiss 3:19 (Warren, Mercer)
5.They Say 2:45 (Mann, Weiss, Heyman)
6.Suppertime 3:14 (Berlin)
7.Bill 2:35 (Kern, Wodehouse, Hammerstein II)
8.I Want My Share Of Love 3:05 (Chaplin, Cahn)
9.It’s All Yours 2:46 (Schwartz, Fields)
10.This Is It 2:46 (Schwartz, Fields)
11.Any Old Time 3:07 (Shaw)
12.I’m In Love With The Honourable Mr. So And So 3:31 (Coslow)
13.You Grow Sweeter As The Years Go By 3:06 (Mercer)
14.If You Ever Change Your Mind 2:51 (Watts, Green, Sigler)
15.I Poured My Heart Into A Song 3:22 (Berlin)
16.All I Remember Is You 2:28 (Van Heusen, DeLange)
17.A Man And His Dream 2:55 (Monaco, Burke)
18.Easy To Say 2:31 (Shaw, Quenzer)
19.I’ll Remember 2:29 (Lane, Freed)
20.The Last Two Weeks In July 2:54 (Baer, Lewis)
21.Many Dreams Ago 3:14 (Ahlert, Stillman)
22.Love Is Here 3:03 (Shaw, Quenzer)
23.I Didn’t Know What Time It Was 2:55 (Rodgers, Hart)
24.Do I Love You? 3:00 (Porter)
25.I Have Eyes 3:18 (Rainger, Robin)
26.Between A Kiss And A Sigh 3:04 (Johnston, Burke)
27.Deep In A Dream 3:18 (Van Heusen, DeLange)
28.Simple And Sweet 2:51 (Fain, Kahal)
29.I Won’t Tell A Soul 4:00 (Parker, Charles)
30.A Room With A View 3:28 (Coward)
31.It Took A Million Years 2:44 (Clinton, Wolfe)
32.Let’s Stop The Clock 2:30 (Coots, Gillespie)
33.Two Sleepy People 3:09 (Carmichael, Loesser)
34.This Can’t Be Love 2:20 (Rodgers, Hart)
35.What’s New 2:54 (Haggart, Burke)
36.Deep Purple 3:09 (DeRose, Parish)
37.You’re So Indiff’rent 3:04 (Fain, Parish)
38.Comes Love 3:11 (Stept, Tobias, Brown)
39.Moonray 3:16 (Shaw, Madison, Quenzer)
40.Melancholy Mood 3:06 (Schumann, Knight)
41.Day In, Day Out 3:34 (Bloom, Mercer)
42.Two Blind Loves 3:15 (Arlen, Harburg)
43.Without A Dream To My Name 3:26 (Shaw)
44.I’ve Got My Eyes On You 2:33 (Porter)
45.All In Fun 2:43 (Kern, Hammerstein)
46.All The Things You Are (Kern, Hammerstein)
47.When Love Beckoned 3:11 (Porter)
Helen Forrest – I Had The Craziest Dream, The Golden Years Of Helen Forrest (Jasmine) JASBOX 10-4
With Lionel Hampton
48.I’d Be Lost Without You 2:58 (Hampton, Southern)
49.A Ghost Of A Chance 2:53 (Young, Washington, Crosby)
With Benny Goodman a/h orch.
50.I Can’t Resist You 3:12 (Donaldson, Wever)
51.Nobody 2:32 (Edens)
52.The Man I Love 3:49 (Gershwin, Gershwin)
53.More Than You Know 4:04 (Youmans, Rose, Eliscu)
54.Yes, My Darling Daughter 2:51 (Lawrence)
55.Jenny 3:25 (Weill, Gershwin)
56.My Sister And I 3:21 (Zaret, Whitney, Kramer)
57.I Found A Million Dollar Baby 3:06 (Warren, Rose, Dixon)
58.When The Sun Comes Out 2:55 (Arlen, Koehler)
59.Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 3:16 (Kern, Harbach)
With Harry James a/h orch.
60.He’s 1-A In The Army And He’s A-1 In My Heart 3:03 (Evans)
61.Make Love To Me 3:03 (Mann, Weiss, Gannon)
62.I Don’t Want To Walk Without You 2:51 (Styne, Loesser)
63.But Not For Me 3:04 (Gershwin, Gershwin)
64.I Remember You 3:21 (Schertzinger, Mercer)
65.Skylark 3:20 (Carmichael, Mercer)
66.You Made Me Love You 3:22 (Monaco, McCarthy)
67.Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen 1:56 (Trad.)
68.I Cried For You 3:17 (Freed, Arnheim, Lyman)
69.I Had The Craziest Dream 3:37 (Warren, Gordon)
70.Somebody Loves Me 3:24 (Gershwin, De Sylva, MacDonald)
71.More Than You Know 3:03 (Youmans, Rose)
72.Do Nothin’Till You Hear From Me 3:13 (Ellington, Russell)
With Camarata a/h orch.
73.Long Ago And Far Away 3:26 (Kern, Gershwin) with Dick Haymes
74.Look For The Silver Lining 3:09 (Kern, De Sylva) with Dick Haymes
75.Time Waits For No One 3:13 (Friend, Tobias)
With Victor Young a/h orch.
76.It Had To Be You 3:10 (Jones, Kahn) with Dick Haymes
77.Together 3:06 (De Sylva, Brown, Henderson) with Dick Haymes
78.Every day Of My Life 2:56 (James, Hays, Berk)
79.Strange As It Seems 2:49 (Waller, Razaf)
With Meredith Willson a/h AFRS orch.
80.He’s Funny That Way 3:14 (Moret, Whiting)
With Victor Young a/h orch.
81.Anywhere 3:10 (Styne, Cahn)
82.Out Of Nowhere 2:45 (Green, Heyman)
With Gordon Jenkins a/h orch.
83.A Little On The Lonely Side 2:20 (Robertson, Cavanaugh, Weldon)
With Victor Young a/h orch.
84.I’ll Buy That Dream 2:57 (Wrubel, Magidson) with Dick Haymes
85.Some Sunday Morning 2:35 (Jerome, Heindorf, Koehler) with Dick Haymes
Helen Forrest – Voice Of The Name Bands (Capitol) 7243 5 21092 2 7
86.The Man I Love 3:21 (Gershwin, Gershwin)
87.He’s My Guy 3:00 (Raye, DePaul)
88.The Honourable Mr. So And So 3:00 (Coslow)
89.Out Of This World 2:21 (Arlen, Mercer)
90.I Love You To Much 2:28 (Raye, Olshey, Towber)
91.Taking A Chance On Love 2:28 (Duke, Latouche, Fetter)
92.I Had The Craziest Dream 2:41 (Gordon, Warren)
93.Make Love To Me 3:05 (Mann, Weiss, Gannon)
94.More The You Know 3:01 (Youmans, Rose, Eliscu)
95.All The Things You Are 2:15 (Kern, Hammerstein II)
96.He’s Funny That Way 3:03(Moret, Whiting)
97.I Didn’t Want To Walk Without You 2:26 (Styne, Loesser)
Tijd 4u58’48”

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